When you’re doing home repair projects or a DIY home inspection, safety is always incredibly important.  Here are eight tips for staying safe while you’re taking care of your home: House Made of Tools

# 1. Wear protective gear.  You can easily put on some closed-toed shoes and remove any jewelry.  It may be a little harder to go out and buy the proper gloves for the work you are doing as well as get a face mask and goggles.  However, depending on the type of repairs you are attempting to do, it’s worth it to wear simple protective gear.

#2. Keep your area clean.  Indoor or outdoor work should be kept as clean as possible.  This reduces any unnecessary injury.  It’s even important in a home DIY inspection to clean up the spaces you are inspecting.  You can see more of what is wrong and you can be sure you’re standing your ladder up on something solid.

#3. Keep chords coiled.  When not in use, tidy any chords away.  When in use- be sure you don’t have any kids running around that could potentially trip on the chord, pull the tool out of your hand or play with a dangerous tool.

#4. Doing something on the ground?  Try knee pads.  It might not seem like a big deal, but your body may not be used to long hours of physical labor.  Knee pads can help save your knees and your back.

#5. Keep your first-aid kit handy.  As much as we try to prevent them, accidents happen.  Keep a stocked first aid kit close by your work space, as well as a cordless phone and a list of emergency numbers.  Just in case. safety construction

#6. Have someone in the house within shouting distance.  Always work on the “buddy system” when doing your own home repair or home inspection projects.  They can help you or call for emergency assistance if needed.

#7. Read the manual.  Many manuals are considered something to peruse only if there’s a problem.  If you are doing home repair or maintenance, there’s a problem or a potential problem.  So, it’s time to read the manual.

#8. If you feel unsafe – leave the project to a professional.  While it’s awesome to do your own projects, there are times when a professional may be a better option.

Overall, be sure you think with safety first no matter what you are doing.  If you are concerned about doing a project or feel you don’t have the expertise to do it properly, hire a professional.

Tom Leach Roofing