Spring has come.  The days include both sunshine and rain on a pretty consistent basis and we are ready to enjoy our yard and being outdoors.

However, sometimes when the rain or hail is pouring down, that does not seem possible.

Here are a few ideas for ways we can all enjoy Spring around the house, without feeling cooped up or getting drenched.Spring Windows

Install a skylight and/or more windows

Natural sunlight makes your home feel airy and bright.  Skylights are a great way to bring more natural light into your home without sacrificing wall space.  However, if you want to enjoy your back or front yard blooms from indoors, you’ll have to install more windows.

Install a dormer

A dormer can add extra light and extra space to your home.  There are many types of dormers that can be installed, depending on the type of home you have.   You can consult with your roofer on the best type of dormer for your home style.Dormers

Get your back patio roofed

It’s fun to enjoy the outdoors when actually outdoors, but it’s a little dangerous to move the patio furniture out in the sun, because that sunlight is likely to turn to clouds, rain, and back to sun at any time.  Such is the nature of Pacific NW weather.  However, if you have a roof on your back patio, you can laugh at the weather and enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine.

Make sure all your lighting is plugged in/ you have installed new bulbs

This seems obvious, but check around your home to see if you need new bulbs, or if there is an unplugged lamp sitting around.  Either get rid of the clutter, or plug it in and enjoy the extra light.

Decorate with spring colors

Spring is known for bright colors.  That doesn’t mean you should paint your home daffodil yellow, but you can try changing your art out with brighter pictures, you can paint a light accent wall in your home, or you can decorate with fresh flowers.

In fact, a really easy way to brighten up a room is to simply fill a glass vase with lemons, add water and flowers.

Hang flower baskets

There may be no flowers growing around your house just yet, so try hanging your own.

Here’s to a gorgeous Spring!


Tom Leach Roofing