Skylights are a beautiful addition to your home. But, what should you consider before getting one installed?

– Is there a likely location for your skylight? Usually, you want to install a skylight to add more light to your home. If you have a home mostly shaded by trees, you have a pruning decision to make before you decide on installing a skylight.

– How high quality is your roof? If you have an old, deteriorating roof, and you’d like to install a skylight, you’ll want to handle your roof first, or concurrent to your skylight installation. A skylight is basically a hole in your roof – and if your roof is crumbling or is leaking, you need to sort this out before adding extra stress to your roof.

– What kind of installation results does your roofer guarantee with your skylight? If it leaks or has other problems, are they able to come out and fix it?

– What maintenance will need to be done? Realize, a skylight is a window in your roof. This means if you install one in a vaulted ceiling or over a stairwell, you need to have some way to clean your skylight. Additionally, you want to keep traffic on your roof at a minimum, but you’ll want a clean skylight, so make sure to get maintenance tips from your local roofing company.

Skylights are a beautiful, bright addition to your home – and are a great way to let more natural light enter your home without sacrificing valuable wall space. Ensure you consider everything before you get one installed – and make sure your roof is inspected before installation.

Here’s to a bright home – even during wintertime.

Tom Leach Roofing