Metal roofGreen roofing is a smart option for any homeowner, whether they would like to save money on electricity bills or simply want to lower their carbon footprint. Here, we discuss the benefits of five different modifications that can make your roof more eco-friendly, for any budget.

  1. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are incredibly durable, work to keep the interior of your home cool by reflecting light and can be recycled. While they cost more than an asphalt roof, you will likely recoup the savings in the minimal maintenance needed for this roof and your reduced electricity bills.

  1.  Cool Roofs

Light colored or white roofing can keep your home cool through the summer months. It can also help prevent an issue that has been plaguing many cities. That is the “heat island effect.” This is the higher temperatures found in cities due to human activities, which in turn traps emissions within the city, creating SMOG and other pollution problems.

  1. Living Roofs

This is the greenest roofing option, and likely one of the hardest to install and maintain. A standard roof is not built to hold the many pounds of soil, water, and plants needed to create a living roof, so there is often structural shoring that needs to be done before installation can begin. However, a living roof is a great insulator, improves air quality and ends the heat island effect.

  1. Tile Shingles

Tile is man-made and can last up to a hundred years. It’s shape improves home ventilation and these shingles can easily be recycled. If you do decide upon tile, try a lighter color to combat the heat island effect.

  1. Sustainablly Sourced Slate

Slate can last up to 50 years and is often recyclable. There are two types of slate, composite slate and plain slate. While composite slate is completely recyclable, slate shingles go through less processing and have a lower front-end carbon footprint. These shingles work similarly to tile, keeping your home insulated and cool.

There are many beautiful options for your green roof. Let us know if you need help deciding upon the right green roof for you.

Tom Leach Roofing