Portland has its fair share of older homes, which can lead to very specific maintenance needs.  A classic home, like a classic car, may need more TLC than a brand-new home.  However, a Victorian or Tudor home from  the 20’s might just be the perfect fit for you and your style.  With this in mind, we have listed five tips here for those of you looking to maintain your historic Portland home: Historic house -goose hollow

Tip #1. Find out all about your home.  Whether you have lived in your home for years or you just bought it, there is always more to discover about your house. Perhaps you have a dead electrical outlet or a leak during heavy rainfall.  Do your own walk-through and write a list of all maintenance points.  If you feel unsure about making your own list, you can get a professional inspection which will give you a more comprehensive idea.

Tip #2. Get information on the original construction of your home.  You can get information from the Architectural Heritage Center and country records.  Understanding any changes that have been made to your home can help you keep its look consistent and even help you to return your home to its original, historic condition.

Tip #3.  If possible, stick with original material.  There are a lot of fantastic vintage stores around Portland.  There are also many construction vendors that will either help provide you with materials original to your home’s era or help you create an original look.

Tip #4. Take a walk.  Look around your neighborhood and consider the other historic homes.  Consider the characteristics you like and dislike about them.  Perhaps they have installed a type of roofing material you like or have planted a profusion of bulbs all around their property.  Get inspired by the homes of others.

Tip #5. Try to repair original material as much as possible.  Keeping the original parts of your home can make it look and feel much more authentic.

It is always important to keep your home in good repair and feeling intrinsically yours.  These are just a few tips to help.

Tom Leach Roofing