Winter can be tough on your home.  Temperatures fluctuate, water freezes, there are heavy rain falls, and more.  Not only do you want your home to be ship shape for you and your family this time of year, but you often have guests that you want to be comfortable in your home.  So, here are five tips to keep your home safe and healthy through winter:  Stormy Weather Ahead Road Sign

1.  Check out your gutters.  Gutters serve more than one function.  They direct water off of your roof, move it away from sensitive parts of your home, and they serve as a vital part of roof health.  Make sure your gutters are clean, in good repair, and directed properly.  Any loose gutter or jerry-rigged set up may not work in the way intended when a wind comes through or when the rain gets really heavy.

2. Insulate, insulate, insulate.  Make sure your pipes, attic, and home in general are all properly insulated.  A well-insulated home will keep heat in, lowering your electricity bill and keeping your roof cool and healthy.

3. Get any cracks fixed.  Cracked shingles, split wood in siding, and loose masonry are all dangerous and more likely to become a problem this time of year.  The weather may cause the cracks to expand and cause leaks and other damage.

4. Ensure your home is ventilated.  Your home needs proper ventilation to keep the air circulating healthfully throughout.  Additionally, be sure to open your damper before using the chimney and generally ensure your vents are clean and as dust-free as possible.

5. Keep dead branches and leaves off your roof.  We live in a rain forest here in Portland.  Be sure to keep any trees on your property well maintained and remove any dead limbs before they threaten your home.

Here’s hoping you have a safe and healthy winter!

Tom Leach Roofing