Needing a new roof can be tough, but there are times when a simple repair won’t do the trick.  Here are five reasons a home may need a new roof:

1. Sagging sections in your roof.  When one part of your roof dips below the rest of the roof, it indicated there may be rot, water damage, or some other structural issue which requires a replacement.

2. Dry rot.  When dry rot is affecting your roof, any timber affected by the dry rot has to be removed and replaced.

3. Leaky roof.  Sometimes a leak can be repaired simply, but there are times the leaks indicate that there are larger problems with your roof.tree-damage

4. Excessive damage.  Major damage from a fallen limb or a fallen tree can be done to your roof which may mean it needs to be completely redone.

All in all, your roof is an important part of the overall health of your home.  Be sure to care for it and get it replaced when needed.

Tom Leach Roofing