Memorial Day weekend is often three days when people enjoy the company of family and friends, think about those veterans who have given their lives in service to this country, and enjoy the beginnings of warmer weather.  Though it’s been rainy and chilly, the weather is warming up and summer will arrive here in the Pacific Northwest soon.  So, here are some ideas to get ready for friends, family, and barbecues this Memorial Day weekend.Flag display

 Clean up your yard.

This Spring has been a good combination of wet and sunny – and plants are growing like crazy.  Be sure to yank out any weeds, try to battle the blackberry, and generally make your yard guest-friendly.

Clean up your roof and gutters.

Summer here in Portland usually means several days of sunshine and several days of showers.  Though the rain will be lighter and warmer, it’ll still be there.  Be sure to clean up your roof and gutters so the rain doesn’t sit on your roof and cause leaks.

Get your A/C system cleaned out.

It’s unlikely that you used the air conditioning this winter or spring, so be sure to get your vents and even the system itself cleaned out and checked to make sure it doesn’t fail you on a hot day.

Dust off that lawn furniture and freshen up the cushions.

With Memorial Day barbecues coming up, get your furniture ready for guests by cleaning it off, getting bright new cushions or vacuuming your old ones.

Close your flue.

We may still have a few chilly days ahead, but unless your fireplace is your only means of heating, it’s probably time to close the flue and get your hearth and firebox cleaned up.

Have fun and be safe!

We hope everyone has a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!



Tom Leach Roofing