Avoiding Costly Roof Repair

Whether you’ve been living in your house for a long time or just moved in, the following three aspects will help you to get the most from your roof and keep you and your house happy!


Understanding Roofs in the Portland Area

Different regions of the country will tend to have houses that use different types of roofs, not only in shape and style but in material and shingle type. Portland roofs see a decent amount of rain throughout the year so it’s important that they repel that rain and maintain good integrity over time. The most common roof type for this purpose in the Portland area is composite shingle. Composite shingle roofs are one of the most common roofs in the US. Composite shingles naturally wear away with time. Even though they repel water they can break down and come apart with time and weathering, which can allow water to seep through and lead to a leaking roof.

Regular Roof Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular roof maintenance is a very important aspect of avoiding costly repairs. Getting regular maintenance benefits in several ways. First, by clearing moss, branches, leaves and other debris we can reduce the chance of mold and extend the life of the roof by effectively mitigating causes that can cause accelerated degradation. Secondly, and especially after keeping it clear from debris, it keeps a trained set of eyes on the roof regularly. By getting it looked at on a regular basis you’re much more likely to identify any potential problems that are developing in their early stages and act to fix the problem before it gets worse. How frequently you get regular roof maintenance depends on the area you live in, your roof type and a few other factors, but it’s good practice to get a routine cleaning at least once a year. If you’re uncertain how often you should get cleaning maintenance it’s best to ask a roofing professional.

Looking for Roof Warning Signs

Warning signs are not always easy to read, especially if you’re not overly familiar with construction or the roofing industry. The main thing you can identify right away is whether there is debris on your roof, and how much. Broken, sliding and fallen shingles is a sign that there is wear and tear and could use some attention. Also when it rains making sure your gutters are properly draining. If water flow from the drainage pipes is restricted or blocked water can build up in the gutters and on various parts of the roof and cause growth, degradation, mold, seepage and leaking. If in doubt it’s always best to call a professional roofer to come out and take a look at it. It’s better to keep your roof clean, maintained and regularly looked at, because this aspect of home maintenance is often out of sight and out of mind, until something goes wrong.

Need Roof Maintenance?

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