It’s not yet Fall, and already the weather is turning.  Maples have begun to shed their leaves, there have been rain and thunder storms, and Portland has become a cooler place.  With the Summer waning, what should you do to prepare your home for the cooler months ahead?  Here are some tips:Fall tree

– Add weatherstripping to your doors and windows.  Weatherstripping is used to seal gaps in doors and windows, and to keep moisture and cold air out of your home.

– Caulk any exterior cracks that need it.  Some gaps in your home can be caulked to keep bad weather out – and it’s a good idea to caulk now before there are extreme rains or freezing temperatures.

– Get cracks in your foundation fixed.  Cracking in your foundation can cause water intrusion.  It’s a good idea to get them fixed before the rain really hits.

– Get your gutters and roof cleaned.  Clearing out your gutters and roof can keep water from pooling and getting underneath your shingles.

– Repair any roof damage or damage to roof projections.  With the extreme rains we get in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to get your roof maintained before winter.  Since roofing companies are likely to be backed up around this time of year, it’s best to get your appointment set with them now.  The same goes for your chimney or other roof projections.  Get your roof shipshape will help your home stay warm and dry all winter long.

– Paint your exterior.  Getting any wood or metal painted can help keep moisture out and prevent dry rot or rust.

– Get your chimney and fireplace cleaned.  Preparing your home for a cozy fire is always a good idea.

– Reverse your ceiling fan.  Changing the direction of your fan will redistribute warm air from the ceiling and keep your home warmer.

– Clean up and stow your yard equipment.  In a month or two your yard will likely be too damp to mow.  Be sure to get everything ship shape for winter storage.

– Tidy up the yard.  Pull up weeds, stow grass clippings, and generally get your yard cleaned up and ready for a final harvest.

Getting your home and yard set up for rain and wind can help make the inevitable Fall leaves and Winter rains more enjoyable.



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