It’s just about 2013!  With a new year usually comes resolutions, and we hope you will consider making green changes to your home for this coming year.  Here are some ideas:

– Modernize any old heating systems.

– Install a skylight or dormer for extra light, rather than using additional or dormerbrighter bulbs.

– Get various portions of your home inspected if you are concerned about them.  Some ideas are: a general home inspection, roof inspection, chimney inspection, ventilation inspection, heating inspection, water heater inspection, etc.

You can even do your own inspection of sorts by going through the warranties for various portions of your home, and ensure they are all current.  Additionally, you can go to each item and do a visual check for rust, leaks, cracking, etc.

–  Replace your light bulbs.  Utilize energy-efficient bulbs instead of older bulbs.

– Install a rain barrel at the end of your gutters.

– Create a compost pile for your yard/veggie garden.

– Install energy-efficient windows.

– Get a programmable thermostat.

– Install a metal roof or some other type of green roof.

These are just some ideas!  Let us know if you have some other green ideas!



Tom Leach Roofing