It’s that time of year when homeowners love buying baskets overflowing with flowers and hanging them outdoors.  This is a beautiful way to decorate your home – as well as an added strain to your eaves or siding.  We saw just a few days ago that even in summer unexpected weight (hail or rainfall) can be added to your hanging baskets.  Here are the steps for installing sturdy hooks outside your home, which should withstand a good amount of weight. hanging basket in the sun

You need:


Screw-in hooks



Power drill and drill bit

Piers (optional)

Measuring tape (optional)


1. Take a look at existing hanging plants that you find attractive and find out how much they weigh.

2. Buy screw-in hooks as well as chains which hold more weight than those plants you like.  Remember, when a plant is watered and when as it grows, more weight will be added to the pot.

3. Set a ladder up as close as you can to the location you want to install the hook.  Be sure it’s on solid ground and the day is dry.  Wear closed toed, rubber soled shoes.

4. Check the area (eaves or a pillar) for structural integrity.  Any rot or instability must be fixed before you hang anything there.  Adding additional weight to rot will likely make it worse as the plant will fall down – ripping wood off as it goes.  Additionally, rot in the wood of your home can spread and cause a much bigger problem than a few rotted boards at the end of your eaves.

5. Mark the spot where you want to install the hook with a pencil.  You can use a measuring tape to make sure your spot is symmetrical.

6. Drill a pilot hole into the wood using a power drill and a drill bit that is one size smaller than the screw hook.

7. Screw the hook in by hand or using pliers.  Be sure the hook ends up positioned in a way that makes it easy to hang a plant.

8. Buy your plant, install any chain needed to hold its weight, and hang!

It’s a gorgeous time of year.  Enjoy the decorating your home in flowers – but be sure you are safe about it.



Tom Leach Roofing