It’s the time of year many enjoy stringing lights on their home.  Here some tips for safe roof/ladder practices:

– Use rubber soled shoes when getting onto the roof, a ladder or even when standing on a chair or step-ladder.  You are likely reaching somewhere and therefore you want the most stable footing possible.

– Don’t get on the roof if you can help it.  Roofs are dangerous, as well, shingles can be damaged by a misstep  Additionally, if you have a special kind of roof or a metal roof, they can be doubly slippery and it’s a good idea to consult a specialist or look on an OSHA website about safe practices in walking on that roof.  Finally, if your roof is at a steep pitch,  it’s a bad idea to get on their without professional roofing tools.

– The best way to hang lights is get year-round hooks installed.  This means a specialist comes out and installs hooks to hold your lights.  This way, you can keep your lights hung evenly, you won’t accidentally make holes in your gutters or harm your roof.

– Keep an eye on the weather.  Don’t go hanging lights outdoors in the rain or when there’s ice on the ground – or when the ground is frozen or slippery.

– Ensure your ladder is set up stably.  Make sure the ground beneath your ladder is even and stable.

– Finally, be sensible.  Don’t overreach or do anything the instructions on your ladder tell you shouldn’t do.

Here’s to a happy and safe holiday season!

Tom Leach Roofing