Living in Portland, Oregon can be a water intrusion challenge to our roofs and homes.  With an average rainfall of 43 inches a year, our roofs take on a lot of wear and tear.

So, what can you as a home owner do to keep your roof as leak free as possible?

Here are some ideas:

– Keep an eye on your roof. It’s not always easy to see when your roof changes, so try to take time-stamped pictures of your roof each time you take a look at it, so you can easily see changes.

– If there has been heavy rain or hail, and you’re concerned your roof may be leaking, go into you attic and check.

– If flashing appears rusty on your roof, or shingles look out of sorts, get it taken a look at and fixed immediately.

– Keep your roof and gutters clean.  This is a really important maintenance action.

– Keep your tree limbs off of and away from your roof.

All and all, keep an eye on your roof and keep on top of maintenance actions.

Tom Leach Roofing