There are so many historical homes in Portland, OR.  Restoring these homes is a large project for any home owner, though many have done an amazing job.

However, a common mistake in home restoration is to concentrate the majority of attention on the interior of the home – buying historically accurate antique furnishings, and ensuring the kitchen and other spaces are restored to their original glory.  This is an important part of home restoration, but the exterior of the home is what creates a first impression among visitors and is what greats you when you return home each day.

One aspect of the exterior work is roofing.  There are beautiful roofing materials which can give your home the “finished” historical look.  For example, if you have a Victorian with high peaks and gables, it’s important to choose the correct roofing that will both work with the type of roof, and will give the house added character.

An additional aspect – and one that is generally easy to remedy, is the painting and siding of the home.  In the case of our Victorian, if the home is painted with no thought, the home may look drab and characterless – when Victorian’s are known for their character.

Finally, redoing or repairing original flourishes can make all the difference between a show stopper and a home the eye skids over.

So, when restoring a home, take a moment to look at the entire picture.  Here’s to having a beautiful place to live.

Tom Leach Roofing