Here are some tips for taking care of your roof this winter:

1. Get your gutters cleaned to prevent them from overflowing, damaging your shingles or roofing material, and generally making a mess.

2. Ensure all moss and lichen is removed from your roof – both to make your roof safe for walking, and to prevent the moss from eating away at your roofing material.

3. Remove any limbs either have fallen on, or are in contact with your roof.

4. Go into your attic and touch the ceiling after a rainfall, if it’s wet or even damp, contact your roofer before any further water damage comes about.

5. Take a look at your roof warranty. See if there is anything you should get inspected before that expires, and make sure your roof sealer is still within its expected active time period.

Here’s to a safe, happy, and comfortable winter and New Year!

Tom Leach Roofing