There are some very interesting roofs you can find around the world and from which you can take inspiration:

– There are homes and buildings made of glass.  This may not have quite the right amount of privacy that your home may need, but consider what you can do to lighten up your home. You can install skylights, add french doors, or – if you feel adventurous – you could try adding stained glass to your windows or skylights.

– In Asian countries you will often find tile roofs with figurines installed on them.  You can copy this theme by installing tile, or even by adding additions to your roof, like a weathercock.

– Ancient castles have towers.   You can mimic this look by adding above-ground additions to your home.

– Throughout the world homes and buildings have grass, bushes, flowers, and more growing on their roofs.  Get a green roof installed at your own home for this environmentally friendly and lovely look.

– Finally, a practical idea which is not too quirky is to get new shingles and siding installed on your home.  It can make your house look uniquely “you” without having to buy or build an entirely new one.

Here’s to homes which reflect your personality – inside and out.

Tom Leach Roofing