A leak in your home is often cause for panic.  This is completely Roof repairsunderstandable, as water damage can cause other unseen issues like rot or rust leading to structural instability.  However, one thing homeowners frequently worry about is whether or not they will have to replace their entire roof, not to mention the drywall, paint, or anything else which may have been damaged by the water intrusion.

The answer to this frequently asked question is: it depends on the situation.   This isn’t the answer everyone wants to hear, but the truth is that water damage can be caused by something more sinister within your roof – like defective materials, incorrect installation, or simple age.   All of these factors can indicate a need for an entirely new roof.

However, a leak can also be caused by something as small as a windblown shingle, damage from a fallen tree branch, old or incorrectly installed flashing, etc.

The situation should be evaluated by a professional and trustworthy roofer.  Your roofer can tell you if the situation is a small fix, or something that requires the replacement of your entire roof – or a significant section of roof.  Additionally, usually you can get a free roofing estimate, so you can find out the extremity of the issue easily.

The reason a DIY roofing evaluation can be a bad decision is that, if you see a shingle missing, you may assume that you can fix the shingle and be done with the repair.  However, there could be a larger problem which you do not know how to diagnose.  You may be shingling over dry rot, or you may have a boring beetle or termite issue, or the roof could be old and deteriorating.

Here’s hoping you roof stays healthy and leak-free for years to come.

Tom Leach Roofing