Summertime is coming up! It’s time to throw back the shades, add shorts and swimsuits to your wardrobe, and generally prepare to great the sunlight!

Family sitting in hammock

Since we don’t always get a ton of sunlight here in the Pacific Northwest, you may want to do something extra to your home in order to take advantage of the sunshine. We have you covered. Here are ten great ways to brighten up your home:

1. Make sure to wrap up your spring cleaning! Nothing helps brighten up your home than grime-free surfaces and clean windows.

2. Install sun tunnels or a skylight. You can add natural light to your home by letting sun into your home.

3. Change out your light bulbs. Try using bright white light bulbs instead of faded or yellow bulbs.

4. Bring in flowers and plants. There are so many beautiful flowers blooming during this time of year! Bring some lovely live plants or cut flowers into your home and bring spring and summer indoors. Skylight

5. Give your bathroom a facelift. One of the darker rooms in many homes is the bathroom. Swap out darker curtains for something sheer. Trade off wood accessories with wicker or white furniture.

6. Brighten up the outdoors as well! Trim off dead leaves, mulch the ground, and plant blooming flowers throughout your yard.

7. Install new windows. If you can add windows or install new, double paned glass, that will help bring in more natural light.

8. Use brighter colors. Bright white, pastels, and vibrant colors can help lighten up your home. Throw pillows, new curtains, and a new cover for your sofa can help your home seem brighter.

9. Close up and clean out your fireplace. Often, a fireplace is the focal point of the room, so be sure it’s cleaned out. Just getting rid of that black soot and dark ash can help brighten up your home.

10. Install a dormer window. Dormers can add a little be of extra space as well as bring in more light.

We hope you take advantage of these brighter days!

Tom Leach Roofing