Bringing out the pots, pans, and bowls to catch the rain running through your roof in the wintertime is no fun at all.  What causes this menace?

– The roof may be far too old.  Keeping track of your roof’s warranty period and getting your roof checked yearly for deterioration is a smart plan.

– Extreme weather.  When it’s super windy, rainy, etc., it’s a smart plan to keep an eye on your roof.  This one is also related to age.  Additionally, extreme weather conditions can cause heavy branches or even trees to damage your roof.

– Your roof may have faulty flashing.  Flashing is metal which is used in construction to prevent water penetrations and/or to provide proper drainage in areas.  It’s usually used on parapets, around chimneys, and in other areas of your roof where the connection between your shingles and a connected part may allow water to penetrate.  Flashing can peel off and/or rust.

– Clogged gutters or branches on your roof.  Clogged gutters can back up and cause water to pool.  Branches can do the same, as well as give safe haven to boring insects and encourage damaging lichens to grow.

– Wind blown rain can, in some cases, cause the rain to penetrate your shingles.  It’s a good idea to consult with your roofer about the best way to get your roof installed to prevent this happenstance.

Here’s hoping for a beautiful, and dry holiday season!

Tom Leach Roofing