Finding a roofing contractor that can do anything from maintenance to repair to entire new installation can be tough.  Here are six things to look for when searching for a contractor: Roof Boots

1. They have great reviews or have been referred by someone you trust.  You can ask for referrals from your home’s architect, your realtor, neighbors, friends, and even search a referral website online.  Understanding what others have to say about your contractor before you speak with them can educate you on whether their personality and style of work will mesh well with you.

2. They can talk to you simply and clearly.  It’s important that you understand what your contractor will be doing – and that they understand your needs as well.  Speak with your contractor during the estimate process or beforehand to ensure you both can understand each other.

3. They keep things in writing.  Many homes – especially older or historic homes – have more than one issue.  The contractor may remove a portion of your roof to discover dry rot or some other structural issue.  When you or your contractor make changes to the work order or the amount charged, be sure you both keep things in writing.  It’s possible for human beings to forget things that have been said verbally – and it’s important to have an agreed upon contract to avoid any future confusion.

4. Their work quality is great.  Usually contractors can give you pictures and references of their past work.

5. They give you options.  Unless your situation is dire, there are usually some options with regard to what can be done for your roof.  There is a “quick fix” and then there’s the permanent, best fix.  Speak with your contractor and be sure you understand what options you have.

6. They aren’t the cheapest option.  Unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for.  This isn’t to say that your contractor has to be the most expensive company to submit a bid on your work – just be sure you have excellent reviews on past work done if the contractor you choose happens to be the cheapest you could find.

Overall, your contractor should be someone you trust to get the job done right – at the right price.

Tom Leach Roofing