No one wants to spend money which is planned for some other life activity on any part of their home.  There are a ton of articles on the internet that give a quick or DIY fix for any roof problem, from a leaking roof to broken shingles.  However, not all of them tell you when it’s time to get a pro in to assess and handle the damage.  This is important, as a roof leak can wind up causing structural issues within a home – not to mention damage your furniture, carpeting, and paint.ON the roof

Here are some signs that you should get a professional’s help with a roofing problem.

If you suspect your roof is more damaged than it appears.  When there is one thing wrong with your roof, it’s natural to consider that there may be a more severe underlying cause to the damage.  If you suspect additional damage,  you should at the very least get your roof inspected by a professional before proceeding to fix the one spot that has gone bad.

If your roof has “soft spots.”  Spots that seem “soft” when you step on them could be caused by extreme deterioration and are extremely unsafe to walk on.  If you have climbed onto your roof and feel some spots appear softer than others, or if you roof feels springy – like you’re walking on a mattress – get a professional to take a look at you roof structure immediately.

If a branch or heavy object has fallen on your roof.  When a branch or heavy object has fallen off of your roof, your first impulse may be to remove it immediately.  There are a few reasons you should delay.

First, the damaged caused by such an instance may be covered by your home owner’s insurance.  You should study your documentation or call your insurance company to find out.  If it is covered, they will likely want an insurance inspector to take a look at it before the damage is repaired.

Second, removing a heavy object or branch from your roof is dangerous and delicate work.  The object could have damaged the structural stability of the roof, which would make it extremely unsafe to walk on.  It can cause additional damage if removed improperly.  Finally, accidents can occur if you do not have the proper equipment to handle such items.  It’s better to leave the removal, assessment and repair up to the professionals.

If you believe you have dry rot. Dry rot is extremely invasive. If not handled properly, it can continue to spread throughout the wood in your home.  If you believe you have dry rot, get your roof inspected ASAP and get the dry rot dealt with properly.

If the roof’s slope is too steep for you. When the slope of the roof is overly steep, special equipment is needed to traverse it safely.  A roof that doesn’t seem that steep from the ground can actually be quite a bit steeper than it appears.  If you are uncomfortable walking on your roof – get a free estimate from a reputable roofing company.

When the roof is slippery – often metal and wood roofs are far more slippery than asphalt  shingle roofs. Rain or just the material used can cause your roof to be slippery.  When going onto your roof, be sure to wear rubber-soled shoes.  If the roof still seems slippery or is made of materials you don’t get much traction with, call in a pro.

These are by no means a complete list – however they give you the idea of the course you should take when you notice or suspect roof damage or a leak.  Overall, if you are uncomfortable inspecting or repairing your roof by yourself – or if you feel something more is wrong with it than what you are seeing – get a pro to take a look at it before you proceed with repairs.

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