It’s only 13 days until winter officially begins. In view of this fact, we wanted to give you some quick, last minute home maintenance to do’s before the winter weather really strikes: Snow Day

– Examine potential danger areas like your roof, your gutters, and your foundation for cracks, debris build up, rust, or anything that is missing. When looking at the roof and gutters, you don’t have to physically go up there. You can use binoculars or a camera with a zoom function to see the majority of your roof.

– Prune your trees and shrubs. Even if it isn’t quite time yet to prune your plants all the way back, be sure to get your trees pruned so a heavy wind doesn’t cause them to scrape your roof. Also, make sure anything that is dead is pruned off before it falls off.

– Get your chimney swept. Make sure your chimney is clean and ready for use. This may also be a good time for you to get your ducts cleaned out of any dust or build up.

– Make sure your pets have a warm place to stay. You may have chickens or an outdoor cat that need some extra warmth. Be sure to provide your animals with extra bedding and a dry space that is big enough for them to move around in, but small enough to stay warm. Be prepared to bring your pets indoors for harsher weather.

– Get your lawn cleaned up so that sticks and leaves don’t freeze to your grass.Smoke Detector

– Reverse your ceiling fan. If your fan has a reverse switch, flip it so the blades turn clockwise. This will help push hot air down from the ceiling.

– Get your emergency kit ready. Just in case we have extremely bad weather and you are stuck at home, make sure you have food, water, first aid supplies, and candles stashed.

– Check your alarm system. Make sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors are set up and working.

– Keep an eye on your attic. You can use your attic as an early warning system. If the attic becomes wet, the insulation starts falling out unexpectedly or your ventilation appears non-functioning, you can get the problem fixed before it affects your home and your heating bills.

These few tips can help you prepare for the chilly and icy winter days ahead. Here’s hoping you have a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy home to weather out any upcoming storms!


Tom Leach Roofing