Not only does your roof keep rain off your head, your roof gives your home quite a bit of character.  If the color of your roof is off or the style doesn’t match your home, it changes the look and character of your home.

For example, historic Portland homes like the , Neoclassical or Craftsman homes you see throughout Portland have a specific kind of roof to match each style. If your roofer decided to install a tile or shingle which did not match the paint job of the home, or didn’t match the style, the entire home would just look off.

Here are some things to consider when you are deciding on a new roof or roofing material:

1. Does your existing roof match your home?  If it does not, consult with a professional roofer and find out what they recommend that would create a better match.

2. Have you decided to completely change your home? If you are considering doing a home make over – like a new paint job, significant change in landscape, remodel, or addition – you might want to consider changing or upgrading your roof.

3. Does your existing work do the job? Is your roof made of a material which worked well for you? If so, make sure you understand what that material is, if it’s still made the same way, and if there’s anything better out there.

4. Finally, if you are looking at changing everything up, you should look at examples of what others have done and see what you like and what you don’t.  It’s especially smart to provide pictures to your roofer.

Here’s to a home filled with character and life!

Tom Leach Roofing