Spring is hereSpring is just three short weeks away. With the mild weather we’ve been having, we thought you may want to get ahead on your spring cleaning. However, spring cleaning is usually concentrated on the inside of your home. This year, instead of going through your interior with a fine tooth comb and leaving the exterior generally out of the picture, we thought we would provide you with an exterior spring cleaning checklist for you to follow:

__ Clean any debris off of your roof

__ Remove any moss growing on your roof

__ Clean your gutters thoroughly

__ Pressure wash your siding

__ Wash your windows on the exterior

__ Pressure wash your decks, porches, and walkways

__ Scrub down your front door

__ Replace broken or dead lightbulbs

__ Clean any debris and leaves from your lawn

__ Remove dead leaves, weeds, and other debris from your perennials

__ Fertilize your lawn

__ Add compost to any beds that have lain dormant over the winter

__ Sharpen your gardening tools

__ Clean/declutter your gardening shed and/or garage

__ Clean out your barbecue and get it ready for use

__ Clean off your outdoor furniture and put anything weatherproof outside

__ Plant up your borders, window boxes, and/or garden beds

__ Check for and repair any holes or loose spots in your fencing

__ Do any DIY updates like painting the front door or shutters

This checklist will get you ready to enjoy the milder weather while giving your yard and your home a facelift for the new season!

Tom Leach Roofing