cute dog on a welcome matEven though we are seeing some early crocuses and daffodils, many houses look pretty bare right now. Here are ten easy ways to make your home look stunning, even though it’s still winter.

  1. Paint your door a bright color. Making your door pop can add some new life to your home.
  1. Plant ferns in your window boxes. Although your window boxes may be used for kitchen herbs or flowers in the spring and summer, they may seem pretty empty at the moment. Plant something durable like ferns in there for the moment, to keep things bright and green.
  1. Address your roof. Get any mismatched shingles or patches fixed up so that they match the rest of your roof.
  1. Get your gutters cleaned. This is the season when gutters matter for both visual and practical reasons. Dirty gutters look bad – but they can also cause water to back up and pool beneath your shingles.
  1. Take down any holiday decorations. The holidays are officially over. Instead of keeping up festive decorations, put up a winter-themed wreath or create a spring display by your front door.
  1. Replace any burnt-out bulbs. Keep your house looking lovely day or night by replacing outdoor bulbs.
  1. Clean up any clutter. Your plants are preparing to bloom, so get rid of any dead leaves or sticks from surrounding trees.
  2. Replace your house numbers. Change out old or non-existent house numbers with bright, new numbers.
  1. Pressure-wash your siding or deck. As the likelihood of frost goes down, this tip becomes more feasible. Choose a warmer day to rent a pressure-washer and make your house shine.
  1. Update your hardware. The simple act of changing your doorknob out for something more snazzy can give your door a facelift.

It may be hard to make your home look bright and welcoming this time of year – but it can be done! Here’s hoping your enjoy your light and bright home, all year long.

Tom Leach Roofing