SpringtimeIt’s still winter, but it’s beginning to look a lot like springtime. In that spirit, we wanted to give you several fun ideas to bring the new season into your home – even if it’s a bit early. So, here are eight quick ways you can update your home’s look to greet the new season:

Bring spring color into your home with fun decals, wallpaper, or bright paint. You can paint doors or an accent wall to provide a pop of color or add a removable decal to a wall for something more temporary.

Change your lampshades. An easy way to change the look of your home is to swap out old lampshades with colorful or flower-themed shades.

Go all out to bring light in by installing a sun tunnel or skylight. These are easy ways to celebrate the season’s brightening sky.

Add color with throw rugs or curtains. Don’t want to do anything permanent? Brighten your home with colorful throw rugs or pastel curtains.

Enjoy fresh flowers. With Valentine’s Day on the way, you can bet your local florist has some gorgeous blooms that you can enjoy.

Declutter the entryway. It’s still boot and coat season, but try to declutter the entryway by putting away all but the most vital pieces of clothing.

Bring in something living. One great way to brighten up your home is to bring in a live tree, flower or other plant and put it in a pretty pot.

Change out your throw pillows. Use new pillowcases and seat covers to bring spring to your living room.

Spring is just around the corner. start celebrating the season today with the above ideas.

Tom Leach Roofing