Many Oregonians decided to stay home this weekend due to the snow and freezing rain.  With the weather finally returning to what we think of as normal February weather here in Portland, what should we do about all this snow and ice that has built up around our homes?  Shoveling snow

There are supposed to be storms all week, so it’s a good idea to deal with the snow that’s piled up against your home and the ice layer on top of it before it all melts in one big gush.  Here are some tips for how to deal with this piled-up snow, as well as the anticipated melt:

1. Check on your gutters.  It’s slippery on your roof right now, so trying to get up there and sweep off snow or warm up the ice is a bad idea.  Additionally, if your shingles are frozen and you step on them, it’s possible they may crack.  So, your best bet is to give your gutters the once-over.  Be sure they aren’t filled to the brim with sticks and leaves and be sure your downspout is pointed the right way – meaning away from your home.

NOTE: If you do have a roof repair that needs to be done, contact a roofer right away.  It’s a busy time of year and a couple of days were likely lost due to weather, so get on your roofer’s schedule as soon as you know there is a problem.

2. Remove as much ice and snow as you can from window wells.

3. Remove any outdoor flower or window boxes. The snow piled in these can melt and cause moisture intrusion.

4. Help your neighbors by removing any leaves and debris from storm drains.  This simple action will help prevent flooding on your street.

5. Move any snow that has piled up against your home or foundation away from your house.

We don’t normally get this much snow that actually sticks, so be sure you stay safe!

Tom Leach Roofing