Every home in the Pacific Northwest has a system of gutters to deal with all the rain we get.  We know it’s important to keep our gutters free from clogs and clumps of dirt, but there aren’t often a lot of explanations given as to how a well-maintained gutter system is an important part of roof maintenance.  Here are a few ways that gutters help your roof:Dirty gutters

1. Gutters help direct the flow of water.  The ideal place for the water that hits your roof to go is down to the ground – but not so close to your home that the basement or ground floor will flood, and gutters help facilitate this.

2. Clean gutters whisk water away from your roof and home.  Dirty gutters cause an overflow both onto the roof – causing water to seep under the shingles – and onto the ground – raising the potential for flooding.

3. Properly connected gutters can protect your eaves from water damage.  When gutters are pulling away from your home, this can also cause damage to your eaves as water can get beneath your roof – when the main weather protection is on the topside of your roof.

4. Cleaning gutters can help you determine if your shingles are losing granules.  Faded shingles that have lost some of the granules which make them up are an early sign of roof damage.  Finding shingle granules in your gutters can let you know that it’s time to get your roof inspected.

These are just a few of the ways that your gutters and roof system work together to protect the rest of your home from the wind and the rain.  So do your roof and home a favor and keep your gutters clean.

Tom Leach Roofing