In just seventeen days you may be hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving! After that comes a myriad of holidays that bring in more family or friends. Even if you don’t celebrate any of the many holidays this season, the nights are growing longer and the days are darker. So, it’s a great time to bring some extra light into your home. Here are a few tips for making your home bright and cheerful:Hanging twinkle lights

1. Clean all your windows inside and out before you remove the hose.  It’s usually the time of year when we detach our hose and put insulation on outdoor piping. Before it gets too cold, try getting all your windows clean and bright.

2. Install a sun tunnel or skylight. You need all the extra natural light you can get – and sun tunnels/skylights are an amazing way to get additional light without the cost of installing a whole new window.

3. Break out the holiday candles. It’s the perfect time of year to place candles all around the house. You can use traditional candles or go flame-less for extra safety. Either way, you’ll have that warm glow to accompany late night conversation.

4. Use twinkle lights as decorations. You can use twinkle lights indoors by stringing them across the ceiling, setting them up in different wall designs using tacks, and more. You can even bundle a string of twinkle lights in a large glass jar for an impromptu lamp.  The glittering light creates an definite festive feel.

5. Install LED lights to your walkway. I know from experience that the solar powered walkway lights can fade due to the weak winter sunlight. Install LED walkway lighting to brighten your guest’s journey to and from your home.

6. Get some use out of your fireplace. Save on your heating bills and light a roaring fire. There is something very festive about a warm, flickering fire.

7. Finally, be sure you change any dead light bulbs and install new ones. There’s no need for a dark room when there’s a light fixture available!

No matter what or how you celebrate, brightening up your home for the winter season can make you feel just a little more merry!

Tom Leach Roofing