It’s warming up here in the Pacific NW.  And, although it’s not yet summer, we have seen people wearing shorts Decorative lights for a back yard partyand t-shirts, so it must be time to start enjoying the outdoors and having people over.  One way to lighten up your yard is to hang string lights.   When hung incorrectly, hanging string lights can be dangerous and can damage the integrity of your roof.  But, when hung correctly they can brighten up the early evening hours.

You will need:

String lights rated for outdoor use with a male plug at one end and a female plug on the other end

Gutter clips

Outdoor outlet


Rubber-soled Shoes

Dry weather

1. Untangle and plug your lights in.   Make sure they work.

2. Set up your ladder on a solid footing.

3. Install gutter clips as needed.  Be sure to be careful and don’t use too much force with these as you don’t want to bend or detach your gutters.  Do not try to install lights with staples as they can damage the wire casing of your lights.

4. Hang your lights by stringing them between the gutter clips.  Ensure they are close enough to your outdoor outlet, or that you have enough strings to make them reach your outlet.

5. Plug in and enjoy!

Another thing to consider while you are up there is getting your roof and gutters cleaned.  Keep an eye on your roof for mold or algae – if it’s growing up there you definitely should get your roof cleaned.


Tom Leach Roofing