It feels like summer!  In celebration of the warm weather, here are some roof care and modification tips and ideas for summertime:

1. Ensure any projections from your roof are properly flashed.  Faulty flashing is one of the main causes of roof leaks, so ensuring that the roof flashing is intact and hasn’t pealed away from any projections from your roof is a great maintenance action.

2. Get your roof and gutters cleaned.  This may seem like a chore, but getting and keeping your roof and gutters free of dirt build up will make them both more effective.  Additionally, now is the time of year bugs thrive – and you don’t want to create a habitat for any boring beetles.

3. If you’re planning to majorly revamp and remodel your roof, now (as in, when it’s not raining) is the best time to do it.  We don’t get a lot of relief from the rain here in Portland, but when we do it’s a great time to get any outdoor projects completed.

4. Do a quick walk around your house and look at the roof, do the eaves or gutter sag? Are you missing any shingles? Does the flashing look off? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes!”, get a repair estimate before further extreme weather exacerbates the situation.

5. Don’t forget any other structures on your property!  Check your garage, any guest housing, etc to ensure all property stays up to snuff and keeps the rain away.

Here’s to those long summer days!

Tom Leach Roofing