Maintaining the roof of your home isn’t always at the top of the list for homeowners.  The roof is pretty much out of sight until it leaks or there is some real disaster like a tree falling on it.  While sometimes there is no preventing a real disaster, there are many things you can do as a homeowner to prevent costly repairs and to help your roof last longer.

Tip #1 Keeping your roof and gutters debris-free can help prevent leaks.   IMG_2979

Tip #2 Your roofing materials and labor are both usually under a warranty. Be sure to inspect your roof before either warranty expires.

Tip #3 Cracked, curled or missing shingles are always a bad sign.  If you see these, get the roof inspected and the damage repaired.

Tip #4 Dry rot is actually a fungus that – if left untreated – can spread through wood throughout your home. If you spot dry rot you need to get your home inspected and get the dry rot treated or removed right away.

Tip #5 The most common problem areas of the roof are those areas that need the extra protection of flashing.  These usually include roof valleys, dormers, chimneys, and any other projections coming out of the roof.  When you see rusted flashing or flashing that looks loose, get it repaired immediately.

Tip #6 Roof sealant can extend the life of your shingles.

Tip #7 Creeping vines can damage the siding of your home as well as the roof.  The same principle goes for anything that is growing – like moss.

Tip #8  Branches that rest up against your roof can cause damage in more ways than one.  The constant wear of the branches against your shingles can cause damage and the branches may be providing the perfect hide-out for  boring beetles, which will then try to bore through your roof.

Tip #9 Don’t wait until your roof leaks to get it repaired or replaced.  Be proactive and look at it every six months or so.

Tip #10  Time for a new roof?  Talk to your roofer about different types of material.  You may find one that looks great and is longer lasting than your existing roofing material.

Proactive care is always better than waiting for a disaster to happen.

Tom Leach Roofing